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We’ve created this page as a way to provide regular construction updates and avoid many of the calls and messages. We also know that some of you are not on Facebook.


Be sure to bookmark this page ands check back regularly as all updates and photos will be found here.

Oct 20

Looks downhill to me!


The final tank in and partially buried.


Oct 15

Another “What is that doing there?” moment. An old marked piece of concrete…

Pic 1.jpg

Rock wall extension and clean up

Pic 2.jpg

Safety first when trenching around gas lines…time to call in the hydro-vac unit again

Pic 3.jpg

Getting the road back into shape after back filling

Pic 4.jpg

Getting the road back into shape after back filling

Pic 5.jpg

Dug up a few power cables…old ones  ;)

Pic 6.jpg

One of the new style power stanchions already powered up on lot 58

Pic 7.jpg

Oct 14

Final power trenches going in!

20211013_122530 (1).jpg
20211013_120522 (1).jpg

Final water trench ready for back fill!


Oct 9

Dialing in the elevation of our tank fill with GPS technology accurate to within millimeters

Elevation 1.jpg

 Prepping the elevation of the pad for the final tank


These hydrants are winter ready because they drain when you turn them off as you can see in this illustration. It is extremely important that you turn these all the way off to prevent bursting and costly repairs you’d be responsible for.

Yard Hydrant.jpg

Fully closed. No frost risk

Tap 1.jpg

Not fully closed nor fully open. Water supply is off but hydrant isn’t drained. FROST RISK

Tap 2.jpg

Fully Open. FROST RISK

Tap 3.jpg

You will see an extra brass fitting on the end where you attach your hose. This is a back pressure relief valve to prevent damage inside your RV should there ever be blockage or water hammer from a sudden pressure increase. You will see water come out of this when your hose is attached and you turn off the water. This is perfectly normal.


So, please make sure turning your hydrant to the fully closed position is part of your preparation for departure every time you leave for extended periods.

Oct 7

Burying the Titanic!

20211006_164959 (1).jpg

The home stretch for the water line to the back lots and new sani-dump


Oct 4

The landing pad is ready for a 10,000 gallon septic tank

Pic 1.jpg

Lots of room right Carlos?!

Pic 2.jpg

Staging for the final placement

Pic 3.jpg

Lined up and ready

Pic 4.jpg


This is as clean as it will ever be. Room for the

5,000 gallon tank

Pic 5.jpg

Little brother tank went in this morning.


Owner Updates!

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