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June 29

34 degrees at 10 pm last night, 32 degrees by 8 a.m. this morning...even the excavators needs shade!


Tools left in the sun will burn your hands. No breeze in the trenches. But BIG thanks to our crews for grinding it out!! 

Raptor & Fircrest (89).png

Our separate cottage crew has also been busy...looking great!!


Time to fill up our 11,000+ litre summer water tank with potable water so we don't have to run it all through our new treatment plant.


June 25

A quick video look at yesterday's activity!


June 24

Today was all about the tricky trenches needed to avoid high voltage power lines, digging a water and sewer trench under the foundation of the managers cabin and backfilling the lakefront lots that now have water, sewer and power even though only the water is live at this point. We have to use a hydrovac truck for this that uses high pressure water and a heavy duty vacuum to dig the trench. The water cuts through the dirt and vacuum sucks up the rocks, all without cutting power cables or pipes.

Raptor & Fircrest (87).png
Raptor & Fircrest (86).png

June 21

Rolling out the waterline on a beautiful morning. Temps in the high twenties today.


Oh look…an old gas line. This time we can pull it out and not worry as this was from one of the old cabins


Oh look…an old gas line. This time we can pull it out and not worry as this was from one of the old cabins


Some grunt work to assemble the lines.


Admiring their work and all taking credit.



June 19

Here are a few more progress shots from yesterday. As you can see, the Work Supervisor is a bit of a pitbull!

Raptor & Fircrest (83).png

June 18

Trenching for sewer along the lake has begun…and there’s no pipes, wires or gas lines in our way! We’re off and running!


A successful day...trench 6 sites, assemble and lay pipe, pressure test and back fill. Monday we'll do water on the same sites which is a little more entailed. Glad to finish the week on a very positive note.

Raptor & Fircrest (82).png

June 17

Everyone should have received an update by email this morning. If not, please email We cleaned up our mess around the wash house today and will begin trenching the lakefront sites tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words of patience and encouragement.

June 15


Old road that will house the power shacks beside the new road.


Yet another pipe that wasn't supposed to be there...fixed and back in action. Wires from old power now decommissioned make a mess

We are now getting further away from the wash house and the current services some of which are still required. Won't be long and the pictures will get boring with the same thing happening every day...something we are all looking forward to.

June 11

Bob was away yesterday and today and will be back Saturday...with Terry! Having Terry back on site along with other members that have set up camp will assist in gaining some momentum on all fronts. Will have a full update next week.

June 9

NOTICE: The front gate is now closed until further notice. Please use the exit at all times. We are moving the road over to make more efficient space for our 3 new power shacks.

Our mainlines are now at the roads, pressure tested and the shut offs are installed. We were required to make some changes to our septic based on some updates from BC Interior Health. Our septic plans have now been approved which is a huge step when you are developing near a lake.

The further we get away from the old system the faster this process will go. By mid next week we should be far enough away from problems areas and working on the individual sites. Until that time I cannot estimate dates for your site to have services. We will allow dry camping once we have the main trenching completed where we can fill your water tank, charge you batteries and pump you black tank or you can use the wash house. Other than power all services will be “turned on” at once.

We did get water hooked up to the old system (Lots 9 – 30)  and tested for a short time. We are not happy with the pressure and are searching for a leak.

June 8

A short rain out day but we did get one of our most important mainlines hooked up and in the ground. Also found some unmarked and illogically placed electrical cable, sewer pipe and water pipe (zoom in), something that is a daily occurrence as we work our way away from the existing services into clear trenching territory. 


June 7

Intermittent rain chased us in a few times but the moisture also made for some good grading.


We also moved a lot of rocks and mud around.... 


June 5

Dig, lay pipe, bury and repeat.

Raptor & Fircrest (80).png

Water storage tank pad complete and tank in place. Hope to fill this bad boy Monday


June  4


Always expect the unexpected especially on a site that has been in use for 75+ years.


Prepping to lay the flooring in the ladies washroom…don’t worry, this is the backing not the flooring!


Our first trench being scoped and dug to bring water to the lakefront sites

June 2

Prepping the tomorrow's arrival of our 3,000 gallon water tank for install Friday.


Finalizing the required changes from BC Hydro where we can put our power shacks...which now includes moving the road. Gotta make a mess before you can clean up!

Raptor & Fircrest (78).png

June 1

Assembly line continues for water yard hydrants and power boxes. These hydrants will automatically drain when you turn them off

Raptor & Fircrest (77).png
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