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Sept 30

Today was a big day with septic tanks finally arriving on site. One.10,000 gallon and one 5,000 gallon.


And putting the RV pads on lots 63, 64!


Sept 29


The pile is getting very small!


A big hole for a big tank!


Some road touch ups along the lake

Sept 15

A flurry of activity on site September 15th. We are at the point we are not just making a mess but starting to clean up and put the shine on as we head for the finish line.

Pic 1.jpg

Adding some finishing touches to the electrical shack at the wash house.

Pic 2.jpg

Ladies shower being prepped.

Pic 3.jpg

Covering up water and sewer on Lot 55.

Pic 4.jpg
Pic 8.jpg

Final prep for BC Hydro to install a new pole and transformer.

Pic 9.jpg

Siding for our next power shack that will also have its own pole and transformer.

Pic 10.jpg

Siding on the end of cottage 103.

Pic 11.jpg

Piling a just few of the rocks that got in our way.

Pic 7.jpg

Some final prep on lot 67.

Pic 6.jpg

Some graded lots along the bottom back rows.

Pic 5.jpg

Some graded lots along the back row.

Sewer trenches for lots 75, 76, 77.

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