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Go Jump In The Lake - It's Warm, Pristine And Wonderful

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Lac La Hache is the first warm water lake you'll find near 100 Mile House BC. Like the Okanagan, the waters are swimmable and great for fishing, however this lake is completely uncrowded compared to the lake congestion associated with the Okanagan.

What Is There To Do Around Lac La Hache?

This is an excellent fishing lake for Kokanee and lake trout, as well as rainbow trout and burbot during the summer months. However, fishing need not be your only recreational pursuit, as the lake is also a popular place for power boating and water-skiing and the following activities.

SnowmobilingIce FishingCross Country SkiingNearby ATV trailsHikingSkiing Nearby at Mount Timothy


Birds that thrive in this lakeside habitat include bald eagle, osprey and red-tailed hawk, as well as forest birds such as pileated woodpeckers, saw-whet owls, red crossbills, chickadees and nuthatches. Because of the diversity in plant species, a wide variety of mammals lives in this area, from moose and black bears to humble shrews and chipmunks. There are also mule deer, pine martin, lynx, and flying squirrels.

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